Qibla Direction Online from My Location

Find the Qibla Direction
You can use the online map to find your qibla direction in two ways: First, find the Qibla on Google Maps with the Qibla direction line drawn between your location and the Kaaba. Secondly, for those who want to find the direction of Qibla with a compass, the qibla degree of your location is given. You can find your qibla direction by applying the qibla degree of your location to the compass.
Qibla Degree:
Qibla Degree for Compass:
Kaaba Distance:
Magnetic Deflection:

Activate the location feature of your mobile device for online Qibla direction detection. Confirm the location request while Find the Qibla is loading. Wait for your location to be found on the online map. Once your location is found on Google Maps, your Qibla direction line between the Kaaba and your location will be automatically created. You can easily determine your qibla direction by using houses, streets, avenues and other elements around you.

Those who want to find the Qibla direction using a compass should follow the following path. First of all, since the compass is a magnetic instrument, you should measure away from metal and magnetic fields. Hold the compass horizontally and straight on the ground. Turn the compass until the colored needle of the compass coincides with N (north) on the compass frame. When N coincides with the compass needle, stop turning and stop. Now find the "Qibla Degree for Compass" presented to you under the map clockwise from N. Now you can perform your prayer in the direction the Qibla degree shows.