Qibla Direction Online from My Location


Ensuring the accuracy of prayer involves facing the Qibla, a fundamental condition. Thus, one must ascertain or research the direction of the Qibla.

Accurate identification of the Qibla is imperative. Regrettably, some Muslims pray in a direction that hasn't been precisely determined. Even certain mosques exhibit discrepancies in their orientation towards the Qibla.

At Qibla.Com.Br, our mission is to determine the correct Qibla direction across countries, regions, and cities spanning from east to west. We facilitate finding your Qibla direction hrough our Qibla line and provide the necessary Qibla angle for your compass. Alternatively, you can determine the Qibla direction by applying the given angle to your compass.

In some instances, determining the Qibla direction can be arduous. We assist Muslims in resolving their Qibla-related issues, ensuring they accurately face the Qibla during prayer. For precise Qibla direction, you've come to the right place.

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